John and Me March 09, 2020

... a couple days after I moved in, John decided to give me an 'acid test' ... a test of my psychic ability. If I could be of read more...

Category: Trustee Memos
FFF Events April 23, 2020

... and biodyes. We present progress in experiments with amino acids and polypeptides and discuss the challenges and progress ... e.g. ‘pi resonance’ electron clouds of aromatic amino acid rings. Which proteins? Although membrane receptor and ion read more...

Category: Trustee Memos
FFF Publications April 23, 2020

... contains granules and cell-like structures rich in nucleic acids. The bundle of primocapillaries of the primo vessel is ... in two example settings: (i) the synthesis of heavy amino acids and (ii) their polymerization into peptides. We find that read more...

Category: Trustee Memos
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